Cleaning Services and Waste Management Division

We tailor our cleaning services to what best suits the needs and requests of our customer , utilizing some of the modern technologies. Our Tank Cleaning Personnel have years of experience and are trained to handle all types of tanks from confined spaces to no man entry, using the revolutionary GAMAJET ATCM and adhering to OSHA and stringent Environmental standards.

Tank Cleaning operations are simplified since we provide product removal, storage and transportation to our clients. We have solids control systems both stationary and mobile to aid the recovery of products stored in tanks or vessel. After Tank cleaning, products can be returned to its original form or recycled based on clients request.

Oil and Gas Industry Tank Cleaning Services

  • Drilling Rig Offshore/Onshore tank Cleaning
  • Mud System Cleaning
  • Cleaning of SOlids control Systems;Shakers,Pits and lines
  • Brine standard cleaning of tanks fo material product change over
  • Platform cleaning and other topside general cleaning services

Marine Onshore Cleaning Services

  • Supply Vessel Tank Cleaning
  • Tank Inspections and Tank Farm Cleaning
  • Product removal, storage, recycling and Product redelivery
  • Bulk Cargo Vessel hold Cleaning
  • Hydro blasting and Sandblasting

Refineries and Production Facilities

  • Petroleum Tank farm Cleaning
  • Tan Inspections
  • Chemical washing and flushing of Pipes
  • Silo Cleaning
  • Role-Off Trucks, Tanker Trucks and Boxes
  • Tank, General Cleaning and Facility Decommissioning

Thermal Processing Equipment

  • Remediation of Contaminated soil(Oil Spill)
  • Treatment of sludge,drill cuttings and filter cake